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The market delivers iPhone case of all kinds: waterproof, indestructible, a solar charging, cover for enhancing the native iPhone camera, cover biodegradable, with additional batteries ... in short, all that remains is to prepare your wallet and be spoiled for choice. We have talked several times about iPhone case, then let's take an overview of the cover already presented:

  1. Mophie juice with extra battery, available for every type of iPhone, including the latest one iPhone 5
  2. Lifeproof Waterproof Covers, Escapecapsules ... with or without theHitcase Pro, which is an additional lens that combined with the camera of iPhone can take clear photos even in the most extreme situations: in flight or underwater!
  3. Aqua Tek S, available for iPhone 4 and 4S. It protects the smartphone from water and keeps it charged in the sun.
  4. EnerPlex, an elegant iPhone case and solar-powered Galaxy.
  5. PowerSkin, provides a large supplement of energy to increase the battery life of the iPhone.
  6. iNature is the iPhone case Made in Italy. It is completely degradable and is available in rigid or soft Apinat (a resistant but biodegradable material).
  7. iBike Dash Cycling Computer, a cover created to transform theiPhone in the best friend of cyclists!


Exist bamboo cover handmade and covers made of innovative and environmentally friendly materials. It is the case of Bookase which stands out from the competition for its prestige: this is a case designed in California but produced in Italy. It is made with two natural materials and uses high-tech "RFIDstatic" technology. This technology reduces static electricity and the friction that is created between the portable device and the cover.

Products Bookase they are particularly suitable for travelers and for those who are extremely messy and throw the iPhone everywhere! An example: I personally use this case when I go to the gym and the pool, on the way back I put the iPhone (with Bookase) in the bag, along with the rest of the still damp underwear, I noticed that the bookase is the only case for iPhone that protects really the device fromhumidity and from bumps!


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