Sustainable mobility hackathon

Sustainable mobility hackathon

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To promote road safety and spread forms of alternative and sustainable mobility. As? With a hackathon, that is, a digital creativity competition between IT experts aimed at creating an App, a digital application, which turns out to be a useful tool for citizens. It happens to Bologna, April 18 and 19, on the initiative of Unipolis Foundation with the project Sicurstrada.

It is the first time that a hackathon, a neologism that derives fromhacker and marathon, is organized in Bologna by the Unipolis Foundation with the Sicurstrada project. The goal is, as mentioned, to involve and engage the energy, competence, ability and creativity of young people in new information and digital technologies, to build an instrument that serves the community.

The competition. Participants will be required to develop a APPfor smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS platform) on the theme of road safety and ofsustainable mobility that is able to provide updated and easily accessible information on correct driving behavior and on the road, or on the new rules for obtaining driving licenses, in particular those for mopeds and motorcycles.

The App will also have to offer a useful and practical service to the citizens of the Bologna area as part of the green mobility: from the maps of cycle paths to that of the points of car-sharing, bike sharing and of electric charging stations.

The prices. The best App will be purchased by the Unipolis Foundation for the value of1,000 euros. In addition, two of the finalists will be chosen for two internships at the Unipol Group and the Unipolis Foundation: one within the Information Systems Department in order to further develop the APP created, the other in the Unipolis Foundation's Sicurstrada Project.

The jury. APP prototypes will be judged by:Aldo Campi, University of Bologna;Andrea Colombo, councilor for the Municipality of Bologna;Francesco Cutugno, University of Naples Federico II;Walter Dondi, director of the Unipolis Foundation;Luigi Zanardi,IT manager of the Unipol Group. The three best APPS will be uploaded to the Sicurstrada website to ensure visibility for developers and their creations.

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