RiscARTIfest in Rome: the aesthetics of reuse

RiscARTIfest in Rome: the aesthetics of reuse

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We gladly report because the debut is really interesting from 5th to 14th April to City of the Other Economy of Rome (Brancaccio district) of RiscARTIfest 2013. What is it about? Before going into the details of the festival, however, let's say that a bathtub can be more practical in the living room, used as an armchair, for those who do not use the bathtub preferring a quick shower in the morning.

A stripped coffee pot it becomes a perfect bedside table lamp and acquires that symbolic value of things when they are an expression of creativity. And it's not wasted time to imagine all the possible uses of fruit crates and out of fashion clothes, as well as gods hi-tech waste programmed to obsolescence.

A point of reference is the 4 R rule Reduction, Recovery, Recycling and Reuse - another has always been Learn the art and put it aside, which means inventing and assembling objects, giving them new life and new uses in different forms.

RiscARTIfest, scheduled from 5 to 14 April at CAE of Rome Brancaccio, teaches that the aesthetics of waste is a proactive way of building change and redemption: materials and the energy contained in the waste become more and more valuable in a world of increasingly limited resources. Art is at the service of ecology!

REDEEM is a newborn festival, moved according to the organizers by the need to carry out a green message applied to all aspects of life, believing that art is an effective means of environmental education. 10 days 10 dedicated to re-use theme with workshops, screenings, performances, exhibition of objects and design to address the environmental issue through the privileged tool of contemporary art.

The inauguration of REDEEM is Friday 5 at 7 pm with the presentation of the Expo, the international collections (Drap Art and ReciclaMadrid) and the performances of Prototypes Of Scartus (music with home-made instruments) and of the percussionists Bamboo, che they transform the noises of household appliances at two speeds into sound, and use the line as a bass.


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