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Stand for bicycle

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The popularity of the cycling is growing rapidly, but those who have a small apartment and do not own a garage, where they deposit the bicycle? The solution comes from a Swiss company: a stand to deposit the bicycle and to house everyday objects such as books, magazines and shoes! There bicycle can be deposited in the appropriate bike-stand, ready to be displayed as a trophy.

The stand is made from materials eco-friendly such as pine wood and coconut fiber. Do not miss a few bolts to hold the pieces together. The choice eco friendly of materials also has a positive impact on the price. It is produced in neighboring Switzerland by the company PostFossil and costs 880 francs, about 700 euros. Too bad that the Swiss francs, according to some magazines of the "finance" sector, are overvalued, making the exchange not overly advantageous.

Who wants furnish home with this highly functional stand, he will have to be ready to shell out much more than 700 euros. The clamp that holds the bicycle in place is sold separately for a price of 250 Swiss francs, equivalent to around 207 euros and again, the carpet that covers the shelves is sold for 440 CHF, around 365 euros. In short, those who want to buy the bike-stand of Postfossil must prepare to spend more than 1,200 euros.

The designer is Thomas Walde. Its measurements, in millimeters, are: 280 x 1975 x 1665 (l x d x h). If you are interested in such an object but the price makes it not very accessible, try to make arrangements with your trusted carpenter and report these measures. It will not be difficult to find a clamp to insert into the structure.

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