Hi-tech Christmas? Gifts and WEEE

Hi-tech Christmas? Gifts and WEEE

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THE technological gifts they are all the rage every Christmas and even 2012, crisis permitting, is no exception. A mobile phone, a computer, a TV or an electrical appliance - small or large - will in a few days be the Christmas present for many Italians.

Yet too many people are unaware that these end-of-life products are defined WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment), should not be thrown in the unsorted, but collected separately. This allows to recover important raw materials (precious metals and rare earths), it does not favor the illegal trafficking in electronic devices towards developing countries, it saves energy and avoids a lot of CO emissions.

To disclose a correct and conscious recovery of WEEE on the occasion of Christmas, the Re-Media Consortium - among the main non-profit organizations for recovery of technological waste - made the video that we propose below. Well done, the footage achieves the purpose of conveying the message and also manages to make people smile.

After viewing it, also take a look at the site where you can find the Recyclometer (to calculate how much you could help the environment with correct behavior) and the software to search for the eco-pitch closest to your home where to deliver the WEEE.

Smiling is helpful in a situation, the Italian waste in general, where the problems continue to be many. There separate collection of WEEE through i authorized official channels could give a big hand to the environment and the economy.

According to the study conducted by ReMedia, i WEEE generated in Italy in 2011 they amount to about 880,000 tons, equal to 14.6 kg / inhabitant, but collective systems such as Re-Media have collected only 4.3, equal to 37% of the total flows. About 5 kg / inhabitant are managed by the informal channel, another 5 kg / inhabitant make up the so-called 'dispersed' (waste not intercepted).

It follows that 10 kg / inhabitant do not follow the official flow generating a severe damage at the environmental, economic and citizens' health level. In particular, it is not certain that the WEEE managed by operators outside the official system use technologically suitable systems and follow the correct disposal procedures.

Furthermore, since they do not have to bear the costs for bringing the structures up to standard, the informal operators are economically advantageous from a situation of unfair competition. The situation and the consequent damages will be even more serious thinking about 2019 when, based on the objectives set by the new one European Directive on WEEE, Italy will be called upon to collect 85% of the total WEEE generated.


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