China, the new mistress of the Sun

China, the new mistress of the Sun

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A few months ago, China announced that it would quadruple its goals in the sector photovoltaic. Apparently its hungry for clean energy it has not yet been appeased so he adds more solar power to his Goals.

It was only July when the China it raised its official targets to push them to 21 GW installed capacity by 2015. Then, a couple of months later, in September, China talked about raising its target to 40 GW. Today we are able to shed some light on China's position, let's first retrace its history.

Only 18 months ago, theChinese solar lens, to be reached by 2015, was pretty poor, 5 GW. However, only in 2012 did China install a power far above 5 GW! Rather surprising isn't it?

China is booming economically. China's low labor prices cause problems for markets around the world, especially when it comes to photovoltaic. Today China has realized that it can be both a major exporter of photovoltaic panels, is a mega producer of clean energy. L'solar power in China it fell in price placing itself on the electricity grid at a rather competitive cost, we are talking about a cost that is currently still falling.

According to an analysis conducted by the Deutsche Bank (the German Bank), China would have a growth rate in the sector solar of at least 10 GW of energy installed every three years. Deutsche Bank probably underestimates China's growth capacity if we consider that only in 2012 the installed power has exceeded 5 GW. The German Bank concludes its report stating that at such rates, China could push well beyond 100 GW of power by 2020!

Summarizing the targets set by China by 2015

  • In June 2011 it doubled its target from 5 GW to 10 GW.
  • In December of the same year it went from 10 GW to 15 GW.
  • In July 2012 it went from 15 GW to 21 GW
  • Today we would talk about going from 21 GW to 41 GW ... anyone offers more?!?

At the end of 2011, China was not even among the 5 countries with the greatest capacity photovoltaic energy installed. The scenario was headed by Germany, followed by Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States. As soon as the sums are drawn, with the end of 2012, the scenario will be destined to change!

Not all that glitters is gold, China has an awkward position when it comes toharmful emissions and human rights.

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