Energy saving

Reduce energy costs in the company

Reduce energy costs in the company

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Consumption and maintenance penalize investments

The energy price electricity worries companies, especially SMEs, who are already committed to staying competitive and keeping overall costs under control. This is why the careful management of suppliers and the adoption of measures for reduction of energy costs they have become strategic priorities. Here are the main tips that experts give to companies to control the situation.

Read and understand your contract. It seems obvious, but practice shows that many companies are not familiar with the contract that binds them to the energy supplier. Many vendors offer different user profiles, and every company must find the one that best meets their needs. It is also essential to check the terms and conditions of the contract, to know the expiration date and, if necessary, to evaluate more convenient suppliers. There are often special offers for which it is advisable to evaluate multiple suppliers in order not to miss possible savings.

Know your usage patterns. Businesses should monitor their consumption, take periodic meter readings and check their bills. Only by realizing how much energy is being used can we take steps to ensure that it is used more efficiently.

Eliminate waste. According to a recent study conducted by the Carbon Trust, a British research site specializing in energy consumption analysis, small businesses can save over 7,500 euros a year by enforcing simple energy efficiency rules for their employees. First, everyone in the company should be encouraged to make sure that lights, lamps, monitors, and computers are turned off if not in use, especially at the end of the day. Another rule: unplug mobile phone chargers and make sure doors and windows are closed when the heating is on.

Improve efficiency. Switching to low energy consumption lighting and ensuring that the boilers and radiators installed in the company are checked regularly can save money. Invest in latest generation PCs, monitors and printers that ensure lower energy use. There are good offers on the market in this regard: for example Dell, one of the largest global IT providers, has launched a certification Energy Smart which combines hardware, software, professional services and tools optimized for low consumption. Energy Smart workstations, desktops and notebooks can reduce consumption by up to 95.

Virtualize. Virtualization technology saves energy, reduces operating costs and requires less administration. Since virtualization allows small businesses to host multiple applications and operating systems on a single server, it helps them stay competitive because they can accelerate their development cycles and speed the deployment of new resources. The economic benefits extend to energy savings, the cooling system and physical space. By consolidating several servers, it becomes easier for a company to manage the infrastructure, simplify management systems and promote environmental efficiency by reducing energy consumption.

Taking care of the heart of the company. IT departments are under pressure to try to reduce operating costs while maintaining peak performance and ensuring that critical applications are always up and running. Servers are at the heart of the company, process high volumes of data and support the most important applications. Next-generation servers offer maximum computing power at minimal cost, and operate at high temperatures reducing cooling costs.

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