Castilla-La Mancha solar complex

Castilla-La Mancha solar complex

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There Spain like the USA and Japan, if it wants to remain among the countries with the greatest installed solar power, it must set up new ones photovoltaic systems. During this 2012 Spain has expanded its solar capacity but soon another 100 MW will be added.

The global scenario, in terms of installed photovoltaic capacity, at the end of 2011 saw Germany in the lead, followed by Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States; just as shown below.

  • Germany - 24.7 GW
  • Italy - 12.8 GW
  • Japan - 4.9 GW
  • Spain - 4.4 GW
  • USA - 4.4 GW

In the ranking, China is gaining a lot of positions and will soon make it into the top 5. Japan is working hard with renewable energies but in addition to investing in photovoltaic, his efforts are focused ongeothermal energy. Spain carried out several photovoltaic parks and today the Abengoa company has commissioned the installation of a photovoltaic system of 100 MW, the Castilla-La Mancha Solar Complex.

The complex will consist of two identical 50 megawatt plants, where, i parabolic collectors they will reflect and concentrate the sun's rays on receiver tubes, in which a fluid flows that reaches a temperature of over 400 degrees Celsius. The fluid, when heated, produces steam used to drive a conventional turbine.

The plant Castilla-La Mancha Complex Solar will play its part in the fight against climate changes, the Abengoa company estimates that thanks to those 100 MW of power there will be a net cut in harmful emissions corresponding to 63,000 tons per year. The project had a positive impact also on the community with significant socio-economic implications: there was no lack of creation of new jobs, a crucial factor in the times of crisis that the Euro zone is experiencing!

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