1.2 billion Euros for Renewables

1.2 billion Euros for Renewables

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With the program Ner300 More than 1.2 billion euros have been allocated to finance 23 highly innovative projects that have as protagonists renewable energies. Even the money used as a source of financing is green: it comes from the sale of 200 million emission allowances drawn from the reserve for new entrants (New Entrants Reserve), under the Eu-Ets system.

Projects that focus on renewable they will exploit different types of clean energy:

  • bioenergy, including the latest generation biofuels
  • solar energy, concentration
  • geothermal energy
  • wind energy
  • ocean energy
  • smart grids with the management of renewable energy decentralized

Once operational, these energy systems will be able to ensure an overall increase in annual production of clean energy in Europe of approx 10 TWh. Not only benefits for the environment, but also for the economy and society: they will be created further 1000 jobs full-time jobs that will guarantee employment for the next 15-20 years.

Funding arrives in Italy thanks to a project in Turin
Among the projects that have obtained the financing of the program Ner300, only one is Italian. It's about the project Best which collects a co-financing of 28.4 million euros. Best plans to build a demonstration plant for biofuels second generation. L'plant it will rise in the province of Turin, in Crescentino.

Carbon dioxide capture and storage
The European Commission has expressed its regret about the absence of projects that capture and store carbon dioxide. In this first round, in fact, there were completely absent projects that were able to exploit technologies "Carbon capture and storage. Thus 275 million euros have been set aside pending funding projects dedicated to the capture and storage of CO2.

Allocation of new loans
Those who have a project to finance can still take advantage of the program Ner300. In fact, the Community Executive intends to proceed rapidly with the second call for submissions green proposals, the unspent funds from the first call and the proceeds from the sale of an additional 100 million shares will be assigned to the most deserving projects. All this to pursue a vitally important goal: to counteract i climate changes.

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