Isavetheplant: app for aspiring green thumbs

Isavetheplant: app for aspiring green thumbs

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One plant at a time, it makes the world better, with one app. It is the idea of Stefano and Alessandra who, from anxieties, disappointments and satisfactions related to the health of their domestic plants, have decided to create a community to which everyone can ask for help to obtain green leaves and flowers. No more yellowed leaves that cry out for help from the vessels, unheard. Isavetheplant is a free and increasingly popular app.

1) How does your gardening community work?

Anyone who has a plant in the house in need of help can take a picture of it and post it on the community, the experts of the same will help to care for the plant.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store by anyone with an iPhone or iPad, the web community is available for everyone else

2) How and when was the idea born? With what aim?

The idea was born in December last year from a need of Alessandra, her plants died. We therefore decided to create a community that would also allow ordinary people to learn from experts how to best take care of their plants and that was also simple to use.

3) How many "green thumbs or aspiring" ones have you involved to date?

To date, almost 1,500 people have registered, the trend has been constant, on average 5 people register per day by word of mouth.

4) What are the most reported problems?

The problems posted are many: yellowing of the leaves, parasites, dry leaves, not being able to recognize the plant and not knowing how to cure it. However, people often post their plants also to have the pleasure of sharing their beauty.

5) What is your typical user?

The user is currently not monitored to respect his privacy, however from the content of the posts, we have users of all ages and types: from the gardener to the businessman who still wants to take care of his plants and his garden. Most are young users who are familiar with new technologies.

6) What do you suggest with “Play your plant”? What are the benefits for the environment and for people?

Reproducing the plant means creating a new specimen from a plant that you own, either by cutting or by seeds. People save money because they don't have to buy new plants, plus reproducing a very satisfying plant. Just to name one, you can give a "reproduced" plant to relatives or friends, without depriving yourself of it.

7) Costs and earnings of your App and future horizons?

The costs of this initiative are currently borne by us. It is not a for-profit initiative, so currently we have preferred not to include advertising of any kind.

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