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Economic crisis, heating is renounced

Economic crisis, heating is renounced

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There crisis of the Euro zone it makes itself felt stronger and stronger: it seems that in some geographical areas the economic crisis forced the inhabitants to do without or reduce the use of heating. Already between 2009 and 2010 ISTAT data revealed a decrease in expenses for hairdressers, beauticians and travel.

Today at risk are the basic necessities as the heating. In Italy, Lombardy is the region with the highest average monthly expenditure per family, in 2010 there was an average monthly expenditure of 2,896 euros but also in the rich north the data is decreasing. The North-South divide is felt strongly if the comparison is made with regions such as Sicily. More and more families are using discount stores to shop and some are forced to do without heating.

Italy is not the only dramatic reality in Europe. About 4 million Spaniards live in conditions of fuel poverty: le economic difficulties make it impossible to guarantee the family the right heating indoors during the winter. The data was released by the Spanish Sustainability Observatory (OSE).

Because of economic crisis, in Italy, those who could, preferred to rediscover stoves and fireplaces in order to avoid the sting of the bill. According to the latest Istat data, the consumption of firewood has increased by 26% compared to 10 years ago. Let's not forget that in Italy, when it comes to power, there are the the most expensive rates in Europe.

According to the Federconsumatori National Observatory, the heating bill for a family living in Italy, in a house of 85 m2 and consuming 1200 liters of diesel per year, it is equal to1752 euros per year, 602 euros more than a French family and 696 euros more than an English family.

There economic crisis can also be found on Google, there are many users who daily search the web, strategies for save on heating and survive the crisis. Now more than ever, investing inenergy efficiency could represent the winning strategy against the expensive bill.

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