The spread in the kitchen saves money

The spread in the kitchen saves money

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Oversized purchases, poor food storage, excessive waste in the preparation of dishes and poor or non-existent management of leftovers cause waste that Coldiretti estimated at 4.3 billion between Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.

Actually the numbers of the food waste constitute a constant throughout the year (the data FAO on 2011 they speak of just under 1600 euros per family out of an annual expenditure of 5700 euros; food waste is worth 2.4% of GDP at market prices in 2011 equal to about 40 billion euros), but these peak precisely on the occasion of the holidays, when the tables are more richly laden with food.

Really impressive! While trying to change habits, what you can do right away is to use what is left on the table with simple and tasty recipes. For example, you canenhance the spread. “The first meaning of the English verb to spread is to spread; therefore, in the kitchen the spread is a pâté, a spreadable paste that is obtained by processing certain foods, which in the case of dinners could be the noble salmon overcoats or the turkey filling "he explains Pierre Yves Ley, media relations manager of Whirlpool, as well as passionate about cooking and food habits.

We speak here of a spread that is good for the domestic economy and that has nothing to do with the meaning of the term that has imposed itself in recent months. The use of leftovers it is not only a remedy when the tendency to overdo food is accentuated, but a good practice to be implemented in terms of resource saving; an increasingly topical issue so much so that 2014 will be theEuropean year against food waste.

Inevitably, the topic already mobilizes the actors of the Food stream, and among them Whirlpool which, as a leading appliance company, is part of a technological cluster that has participated with a specific project in MIUR call and that in your own Food Science Institute of Cassinetta di Biandronno (Varese) studies technologies to optimize the preservation and home cooking of food. Here then is a series of recipes that, with the spread, help us not to waste in the kitchen.

  • Smoked salmon spread. Finely chop or shred the salmon, work adding spreadable cheese (twice as much as salmon), add lemon juice, sweet paprika, Tabasco and chopped dill.
  • Stuffing spread. Work the leftover filling with a spatula and some butter or mascarpone (half of the filling) until the desired creaminess is obtained, add a drop of marsala or cognac, pass through a metal sieve.
  • Both sauces are to be spread on bread, obviously leftover and a little congealed, properly toasted
  • Parmentier turkey. Ideal for giving new glory to turkey, and also to boiled meats, and at the same time recovering the leftover puree. Prepare a sauté with onion, carrots and celery: put it in the microwave for three minutes with the crisp function. Add the chopped turkey meat and cook with the crisp function for a further 3 minutes. Grease a baking dish, spread minced and fried meat on it, cover with a layer of mashed potatoes to which they will be added, if
    available, bits of cheese, nutmeg, sprinkle everything with
    Parmesan and garnish with a little butter. Cook in the microwave at 750 W with grill function for 10 minutes.
  • Lentil meatballsTake well-cured lentils, mix with grated cheese, an egg, breadcrumbs soaked in milk, and nutmeg, roll into a ball in the center place a cube of cotechino and, if desired, some mustard. It gives a slightly flattened oblong shape. It is passed into beaten egg and breadcrumbs brown in the crisp plate for three minutes on each side.
  • Cotechino In Crust. Completely peel the cotechino (reconstitute it if it is sliced), spread it with mustard and wrap it in puff pastry; brush it with beaten egg; put it in the oven with the crisp function for 15 minutes.
  • Pretzels with salami and cheese. Spread puff pastry with mustard, garnish with sliced ​​or frayed meats. For cheese pretzels, it is better to avoid mustard and simply spread the leftover cheese on the disc of puff pastry. Roll up, spread with beaten egg and cook in the microwave for 15 minutes with the crisp function. Serve hot in slices or wheels.
  • Stuffed vegetables. Chop the turkey meat (you can also use the filling or the leftovers of boiled meat), add breadcrumbs soaked in milk, (you can also add leftover and well-cured risotto), grated cheese and an egg. Those who like it will also appreciate half a clove of minced garlic added to the mixture. Fill with this mixture zucchini, peppers or other vegetables, previously boiled. The leftover boiled potatoes, hollowed out to accommodate the filling, are also excellent. Cook in the microwave with the crisp function for 10 - 12 minutes.

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