Energy bill and increase in the incentive rate

Energy bill and increase in the incentive rate

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The Energy bill represents an excellent resource for users who intend to rely on clean energies. In this article we have described 2013 incentives scheduled for photovoltaic. The rates described can be increased thanks to the "Award for photovoltaic systems combined with efficient use of energy ". In other words, if thephotovoltaic system meets specific criteria, you will be eligible for a additional premium than the classics incentives for photovoltaics.

The rate increase can only be applied in certain cases, let's see which ones.

  • First of all, thephotovoltaic system must have applied for the incentives of the Energy Account and benefit from the tariffs provided for small systems installed on buildings
  • The building that benefits from the energy produced by the system must have an energy certification.
  • Following the entry into operation of the plant, the building must have undergone interventions that led to a reduction of at least 10% of the energy performance indices.
  • The building, in requesting a new energy certification, must certify the reduction in energy requirements identified in the second point of this list.

The premium on the incentive rate is recognized in thefollowing calendar year to that of the request request date. The bonus cannot exceed 30 percent of the incentive recognized on the date of entry into operation of thephotovoltaic system, therefore, the awards not they can be combined with each other.

What does the Award for photovoltaic systems combined with efficient use of energy?

  1. 5 percent increase in the tariff. Intended for photovoltaic systems not built on single buildings in areas classified as industrial, mines, quarries or exhausted landfills, areas belonging to landfills or contaminated sites on the date of entry into force of the Ministerial Decree 05/05/2011.
  2. 10 percent increase in the tariff. Expected when the photovoltaic system has seen an investment cost (as regards the components other than work) that is at least 60 percent, attributable to a production carried out within the European Union, that's why do not rely on to the photovoltaic made in China.
  3. Increase of 0.05 euro / kWh. Expected when thephotovoltaic system it replaces an asbestos cover.
  4. For systems built on canopies, canopies, greenhouses, acoustic barriers and photovoltaic pergolas, the increase in the incentive rate is equal to the arithmetic average between the rate due to the systems built on buildings and that due to the other systems.