Photovoltaic, the Chinese reform arrives

Photovoltaic, the Chinese reform arrives

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80 percent of market photovoltaic European is in the hands of China. In 2011 alone, the European Union was the recipient of 60 percent of Chinese exports of solar products for a value of 35.8 billion dollars. In 2012, the situation saw only slight changes but mainly dictated by global economic crisis. Recall that Europe, unlike the US, has not introduced customs duties for imports of solar panels from China.

The United States, to save the photovoltaic market, introduced customs duties on the import of photovoltaic products. The European measure was completely different: last September, Europe launched an anti-dumping investigation, the reason for theinvestigation? According to the agreements provided by the WTO, the companies producing solar panels they could not receive large state subsidies and it appears that Chinese companies were financed by public funds. Community pressures, and other factors, led to the Chinese government to carry out "spontaneously " a reform onphotovoltaic industry.

The "spontaneous review " of the Chinese government, sees a profound reduction in financial support for the photovoltaic sector. At the same time, to strengthen the market, China has asked for the merger of various manufacturing companies photovoltaic panels but apparently, without government funding it is not enough to start partnerships between the factories and some Chinese companies risk bankruptcy.

The Chinese government has not released any further details about the measures it intends to take, however it has specified the importance of photovoltaic calling it a "emerging and strategically important sector“.

Due to the global crisis and the fall of the photovoltaic prices Due to the low cost of Chinese labor, China's industries reported losing hundreds of millions of dollars. The financial company Maxim Group, of New York, in a report published in 2012, highlighted a "collection of debts amounting to approximately $ 17.5 billion.

The situation at a glance
The United States, Europe and India have launched investigations and taken measures to unmask the abusive subsidies issued by the Chinese government to companies in the photovoltaic sector. China has denied everything but after a few months it has launched a measure that provides for large cuts.

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