Bottled water, less safe than tap water

Bottled water, less safe than tap water

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Drinking water, the common "tap water" struggles to get rid of clichés, so consumers relegate it to the last places in the ranking of the most consumed waters in favor of mineral waters, yet, industry experts say that it is precisely thetap water the safest!

L'bottled water it is much more expensive than that of the tap and it's not even as healthy as consumers think. This is stated by a British study. Researchers have carried out numerous safety tests and have shown that bottled water can be more easily contaminated and retains a higher risk of becoming a source of infection.

L'tap water it is checked daily with rigorous checks and more stringent tests. L'water in PET bottles is monitored with less stringent tests: bottled water producers are required to carry out monthly tests directly at the source. Another point in favor oftap water is the presence of traces of chlorine, these prevent the spread of potentially harmful elements such as bacterial infections. There PET bottle, once filled and sealed, before being sold, it could remain in warehouses for months and, unlikewater from the tap, there are no traces of chlorine or other disinfectant additives in the bottles.

With the'tap water, all citizens, at home, have a fresh and safe source every day. On the contrary, after being opened, the water contained in one PET bottle is no longer sterile and the consumer is "obliged " to consume it within a few days.

The study was conducted by Professor Paolo Giovane from the University of Glasgow, Great Britain, and is entitled "Water: All That Matters " and makes us understand that thewater from the tap it is a precious and underestimated commodity: people do not appreciate tap water because it is cheap and abundant. From a safety and price point of view, thetap water represents the best solution for every consumer and also forenvironment.

Why do you drink bottled water?
An analysis conducted on a British sample found that a quarter of people drink bottled water because they consider it more "safety" than that of the tap, other reasons concern the flavor. Having dispelled the myth of safety, as regards the palatability of water and therefore its taste, there are cheap filter jugs on the market!

In Italy, only 30 percent of the population drinks water from the tap. Also in our country (ISTAT data in hand), an average family can spend almost 20 euros a month forbottled water, drinking tap water only benefits the family economy and the health of the consumer.

Consuming bottled water there is a strong production of waste. The PET bottles they are, yes, recyclable but also highly polluting in the production and disposal processes. Again, the worst enemy ofenvironment it is public disinformation. This trend can be changed through massive information campaigns launched not only by the competent bodies such as ASL and ARPAC but also by each individual citizen through dialogue and confrontation.

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