Sustainable fertilizers made in Italy

Sustainable fertilizers made in Italy

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This is not a simple research but a big announcement: the agreements for the large-scale distribution of sustainable fertilizers. THE fertilizers low environmental impact will be distributed in the United States and the agreement with Credentia Advisors LLC (North Carolina, USA) was signed by an Italian company, SACOM SpA, from Larino.

SACOM is one of the main producers of microbiological fertilizers in Europe and thanks to the partnership started with Credentia, biotechnological and sustainable products will end up inindustrial agriculture American.

Reduce the use of fertilizers it is an impossible undertaking, indeed, with the food crisis, the large food industries do nothing but increase the use of nitrogen-based chemicals. The solutions offered by technology are numerous, one could employ fertilizer selectively using GPS satellite technology, or, even better, the classic fertilizers could be replaced with something more eco-compatible, this is precisely the case of the formulation based on SGB.

The SGB, Sacom Green Biotech System, is a system that exploits the optimal combination of different populations of beneficial microorganisms. The right balance of these microbial populations will be able to quickly restore the natural protection and healthy balance of a farmland. SGB ​​formulations are healthy, natural and highly effective alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizers, and allow farmers to take care of soil health and thus obtain more nutritious, more profitable and lower chemical residues crops.

THE sustainable fertilizers they will be produced in Italy and exported to the United States.

The fertilizer industry in the United States is constantly growing " - said D. Ryan Tyler, president of Credentia.

In 2012, it totaled $ 58 billion in revenue and committed over 245,000 jobs. The slice of sustainable fertilizers parts recorded even greater growth also thanks to the increasing attention of industry towards environmental issues. Furthermore, agricultural solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable vthey are regularly rewarded by our market, even with premium placements. Credentia believes that Sacom products will have a very important position in the US market fertilizers. We expect that the launch of the new SGB-based products in the United States in 2013 will be a great success and that within 5 years Sacom will become the 1st supplier in the USA of sustainable fertilizers.

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