Solar thermal, the first plant in South America

Solar thermal, the first plant in South America

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The solar thermal finally arrives in South America, through the Antofagasta region of Chile. The installation is spread over six hectares of land and is composed of more than a thousand solar collectors that make up a 10 MW solar thermal system.

Abengoa, a Spanish photovoltaic manufacturer, has designed and built a solar thermal system from 10 megawatts in Sierra Gorda, in the mining plants of Minera El Tesoro, in Chile; this is the first solar thermal system operating in South America.

Antofagasta is a port city in Chile that can count on excellent sun exposure. The plant set up in Sierra Gorda for the mineral deposits of Minera El Tesoro will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions from mining production activities by 4 percent.

Spain's Abengoa estimates that it will produce enough energy to replace 55 percent of the electricity from diesel generators. L'solar thermal system it will produce power for copper production through an SX-EW process.

L'solar power spread in Latin America with some delay but it is assumed that South America and the Caribbean, thanks to their geographical position, are destined to become future reference points for the strategic production of clean energy from photovoltaic and solar thermal.

These are still developing countries. This is why the news of the setting up of a solar thermal system 10 megawatts can only positively surprise. The system should provide energy at any time of day, this will be made possible, at least in part, thanks to the possibility of accumulating thermal energy.

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