Collect and sell aluminum

Collect and sell aluminum

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You know how many tin cans of aluminum are they thrown in Italy? So many that if they were placed one on top of the other they would cover half the distance between the earth and the moon. Every day we are in contact with thealuminum: you are looking foraluminum of the car, sheets ofaluminum, the mocha coffee maker in the kitchen and of course the numerousaluminum such as cans, tubes and trays of pet food.

Do you know how much it takes to producealuminum necessary to build a can from 33 cl? To make a can weighing 16 grams are polluted:
38 cubic meters of air (as much as a room);
18 liters of water (53 times its capacity);
30 cubic centimeters of soil.

Fortunately the industrialized states have specialized in its recycling which allows them to reduce imports and the energy consumption.
Indeed, reimburse aluminum recycled consumes only 5% ofpower necessary to derive aluminum from bauxite. Italy ranks second as a European producer of recycled aluminum.
Thanks to the conventions that regulate the management and valorisation of aluminum packaging waste, it is possible collect and sell aluminum obtaining not only an economic but also an environmental benefit due to the lack of conferment in rubbish dump.

What should be collected?
Is critical collect the aluminum in the correct way and then destined for sale.
They must be collected:
Beverage cans.
Trays and containers for storing and freezing food.
Aerosol cans for deodorant, hair spray or cream.
Kitchen aluminum foil, chocolate wrappers, yogurt lids.
Food cans (meat, legumes, pet food).
Capsules and caps for bottles of oil, wine, spirits, soft drinks.
Tubes for preserves or cosmetic products.

Do not collect.
Composite packaging without the recycling symbol of'Aluminumor, as for ex. bags of soups and mashed potatoes, bags of potato chips, foil packs lined with plastic or paper, spray cans, etc.

Collect and sell aluminum. The recycling
The objects of aluminumarrive at the separation and first treatment plant. Here they are separated from any magnetic metals (iron) or other different materials (glass, plastic). Pressed in bales they arrive at the foundries, are pre-treated and then melted until obtaining thealuminum liquid that is transformed into an ingot.

Collect and sell aluminum. The business
Collect the aluminum it is also a business opportunity for everyone, citizens and the municipality in the first place.
In various municipalities in Italy, the "ECOPUNTO”, Real shops that buy differentiated waste such as aluminum, iron, paper and pet. L'aluminum collected can be sold in these collection centers: just prove that you are resident in the municipality of the point of sale. The delivered waste, once compacted, is sent to the consortium which sells it in turn.
The material is paid per kilo upon delivery; indicatively since the valuation is influenced by the listing on the stock exchange, a kilo of aluminum is paid about 50 cents.

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