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Green ecological houses

Green ecological houses

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Have oneecological house is the dream of many! Yes, those with the solar panels, without drafts, perhaps completely passive.
The green ecological houses they are simple to make but those who already have a home must give up their hopes and beliefs green?

There are many intermediate solutions without changing the structure of the house. These are tricks that radically change the visual impact, the furnishings, daily consumption, lifestyle.

In the green ecological houses there are several factors to consider.

  • L'furniture: when choosing any piece of furniture, the certification and origin of the wood must be checked FSC-certified woods come from non-primary but cultivated forests, where there is no intensive exploitation of nature or of workers.

Alternatively we can choose used furniture in flea markets such as Mercatopoli shops, where we can find furniture from the past at affordable prices. They can be high-quality objects, perhaps to be restored or even practical furniture, which make us save on purchases.
The choice ofreuse our footprint on the planet decreases.

  • The energy saving: in green ecological houses there is no waste of water, power, heat. We take care when we open doors or windows, when we take a shower or wash vegetables not to waste precious resources.
  • The heating: in view green it will be good to heat up with renewable materials rather than with methane or diesel.
  • The consumption: a house can be saidecologicalif those who live there are attentive to their own consumption and their own waste a bit of everything. By everything we mean food, fuel, objects, books, clothing, etc. Reuse andrecycling they should become common practices, lived by all who approach a life green. THE Organic waste should be used to create the compost.

Have one ecological house it means being respectful of the environment, protecting your health and saving significantly on bills.

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