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A trick for the poinsettia

A trick for the poinsettia

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The plants with winter flowering they must be taken care of in a particular way so that the flowers remain on the plant as long as possible. Even if the period has just passed, we reveal a trick that will make you have one, maybe next year Christmas Star ready in time for the holidays.

Starting in autumn, for 8 weeks in a row, place the plant in a black polyethylene wrapper for 16 hours every day, from sunset to early morning, then expose it in full light by keeping it in a room heated to 15-18 ° C. In time for Christmas you will have the red bracts and also the small (barely visible) cream yellow flowers.

The indoor plants in this period of the year they suffer from staying indoors, the ambient temperature is high and the poor air exchange. It is therefore essential to keep the well cleaned leaves on both pages using a cotton swab dipped in water and milk in equal parts. For the species with hairy leaves, a very soft brush can be used instead of the cotton swab.

Another thing to do is remove yellowed leaves and identify the cause of the yellowing which, in most cases, is attributable to either an excess of watering or a lack of nutrients. We must then ensure that water does not stagnate in the saucers to avoid asphyxiation of the lower roots.

Another thing to do is to remove the i bulbs grown in water and bloomed between Christmas and New Year. This operation must be done when the corollas have withered; the bulbs should be placed in boxes with very sandy soil, lightly watered and placed in open containers under a cover of shavings and a cloth.

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