How to take advantage of natural light

How to take advantage of natural light

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There natural light in the house it's good for your health and your wallet. The more the sun shines (which is free) the less you have to rely on artificial light (which instead costs) with sometimes sophisticated systems. It seems trivial, but when you see certain houses built without taking into account thesolar radiation we are convinced that repetita iuvant.

Design is essential: for make the most of natural light, the bedroom should be exposed to the light of dawn, the living room towards the first morning sun, the kitchen and the living room towards any point of the light area. The pantries can take advantage of the gray area.

For make the most of natural light it may be enough to follow some general rules. The following are, for example, suitable for homes which, despite being located in sunny locations, suffer from a lack of light due to orientation or particular aspects of the local environment.

Favor the access of light and glare solar using a light flooring under the windows, painting the walls that face outwards with soft colors, keeping low trees and vines around.

Increase the reverb of light on the interior surfaces, using light colored dyes, furniture and carpets. Mirrors can also increase the brightness of a room.

Always keep the windows clean and open the curtains completely leaving the window area free. If possible, splayed wads should be added or reflective surfaces such as mirrors and decorations installed.

In the case of a new home or renovation, adapt the windows existing ones, remembering that by increasing the height of the windows you get better results than by enlarging them, because you gain an extra portion of sky.

Finally, for capture the maximum amount of sunlight in winter and at the same time maintaining the necessary shelter from the heat of the summer sun, it is better to grow deciduous trees, creepers and bushes near the windows of the sunny side of the house.

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