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Sustainability debuts at the San Carlo Theater

Sustainability debuts at the San Carlo Theater

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To the San Carlo Theater of Naples will be broadcast Rusalka, the work of Antonin Dvorak. Just take a look at the characters to understand they are wearing recycled costumes: the fabrics of the stage costumes are made from recycled and eco-compatible materials, the Slovenian fashion designer Mateja Benedetti took care of them.

Among the stage costumes stand out Trash bags, recycled material and clothes made from plastic and old printed paper. The work Rusalka will be staged from 19 to 29 January and on the occasion of the event, under the portico of the San Carlo theater, a blue carpet in the name of ecology; here spectators will be able to become green models and wearers, parade with their own garments and show off accessories that follow the philosophy of green fashion: environmentalist and zero-kilometer fashion.

Thanks to this initiative, the San Carlo Theater in Naples received recognition for the winter session of Ecologically. The San Carlo is the first Opera Foundation and the first entity operating in the entertainment world to obtain recognition in the context of Ecologicamente.

Do you want to parade on the San Carlo Blue Carpet? Just a little Green detail is enough!
Members of the public who will wear ecological garments, purchased or self-produced, will be invited to parade under the San Carlo arcade for all performances of the Opera. A commission will award the most original creations with the best look "zero kilometer environmentalist ".

How to dress to show on the Blue Carpet? The more daring could follow the example of stage costumes and show up in the theater dressed in garbage bags and old newspapers. Others can take advantage of the ad hoc lines made by different clothing houses such as Timberland or Etnies ... or, for the ladies ... what do you think of a dress made with old umbrellas? The designer Charlot has created some dresses with umbrellas collected on the streets of New York ... in short, you just have to choose carefully your next purchases or give vent to your creativity!

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