Agriturismoinfiera debuts in Milan

Agriturismoinfiera debuts in Milan

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We who choose the holiday on the Internet or from the catalog in the agency, and who sometimes do not know what it has in store for us, why don't we try to touch before buying? Agriturismoinfiera was born for this: to see, touch and feel in order to make the right choice.

The event is scheduled Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January in Novegro, at the gates of Milan, at the Parco delle Esposizioni. It is the first edition, an absolute debut, and the Lombardy Region Councilors for Tourism and Agriculture will be cutting the ribbon.

But can you touch a vacation? No, but you can know who will host us. And in the case of farmhouse this aspect is particularly important. The fil rouge of Agriturismoinfiera are the colors, scents, flavors and emotions offered by the agritourism companies with which, whoever wishes, can plan their next vacation.

Overall, Agriturismoinfiera has been designed to be an updated and complete showcase of specialized services, a concrete answer to all the needs of those who love green tourism, from luxury to low-cost. In this sense, it is the first event dedicated exclusively to Italian agritourism companies.

They will also be present farm holidays in Emilia from the areas most affected by the earthquake, to which the organizers gave the opportunity to promote their business for free. Among these, theCaretti Farm of the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese which will allow you to buy those forms of Parmesan that can no longer be stored according to the usual standards, precisely because of the earthquake.

Among the many interesting things of Agriturismoinfiera, a stop at theAgri-restaurant to taste typical regional products: cold cuts and cheeses, soups, risottos, arancini, polenta, lasagna, ascolana olives, mondeghini, focaccia con crescenza and much more. With the advice of expert sommeliers you can taste and buy fine wines to combine with food and desserts.

ps Entrance to the fair (Saturday 10 am-11pm, Sunday 10 am-7pm) costs 10 euros (by downloading the discount coupon from the Agriturismoinfiera website, you can save 3 euros). Admission is free for children from 0 to 10 years.

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