Municipal trade aid for a greener Milan

Municipal trade aid for a greener Milan

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Welcoming dehors, interactive windows, shutters with artistic decorations, electronic video surveillance systems and solar panels for a more beautiful Milan. And closer to the model of smart city that the Milanese capital aims to achieve.

The contribution that the the municipality of Milan has decided to grant a support of commercial activities of some city districts for projects of aesthetic and environmental requalification. Aid to trade in trouble for the crisis and a step towards a more city smart, livable and clean. The city that in 2015 will host theInternational EXPO.

Worthy of mention, among others, is the idea of ​​the Municipality to finance (indirectly) the artistic decoration of the shutters street front, which means encourage quality graffiti and give rules that even graffiti artists, perhaps, will be able to accept. After all, it is better to provide spaces where children can express their art (commissioned and paid for by shopkeepers) rather than insist on losing prohibition.

Aid, which is part of the regional program on Urban districts of commerce, can take advantage of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of commercial, artisan, tourism and service activities with activities and access to the premises from the street level and with windows on the public street located in the districts: Brera, Giambellino, Island, Navigli, Sarpi.

Since municipal contributions are aimed at improving the aesthetic and environmental quality of city districts, they are limited only to certain types of investments, such as:

  • new equipment for spaces outside commercial premises (tents, dehors, outdoor tables and chairs, signs, outdoor lighting, kiosks for newsagents) including labor, installation and masonry works connected with the installation of the financed equipment;
  • works and building works (painting, plastering, flooring, blacksmith works, etc.) for the rearrangement of facades and street fronts at sidewalk level, relevant to commercial, craft, tourism and services activities;
  • showcases, including interactive touch screens overlooking the street and anti-graffiti shutters (with or without motor), including the redevelopment of shutters through artistic decorations;
  • purchase of solar panels (the plants are not financed).
  • external electronic video surveillance and alarm systems, means of dissuasion and anti-intrusion.

The maximum amount of the grant (non-repayable) is 10,000 euros and spending less than 2,000 euros is not allowed. In any case, the contribution cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible expenditure.

The application form must be submitted within the peremptory deadline of 28 February 2013 through the intermediary of the trade associations signing the memorandum of understanding with the Municipality of Milan and more precisely: Confcommercio Union of Milan, Monza and Brianza; Provincial Confesercenti of Milan; CNA Milan; Union of Artisans of the Province of Milan; Confartigianato Imprese Milan.

Or directly to Municipality of Milan, Central Production Activities and Territorial Marketing Department, Commerce Sector, SUAP and Productive Activities Handicraft Service and Support for Companies and Freelancers The offices are located in via Larga 12.

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