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Compost tea

Compost tea

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The compost tea brings a juice of benefits in your garden. If you are a fan of natural remedies and gods organic fertilizers what you have to try is the "compost juice“, A liquid fertilizer for vegetable garden and nursery.

What is the compost tea?
The compost tea is a liquid version of the classic compost. Perfect for watering plants and feeding them naturally at the same time. It is a organic fertilizer liquid capable of making improvements to the soil that absorbs it. It is much more delicate than the fertilizers that are found on the market, in fact it does not carry out any aggressive action on the plant.

When can I use the compost tea?
It can be used in the modalities of any other organic fertilizer. Obviously, the hydration needs of the plant must be respected: it consists of a large aqueous component and excessive use could cause rot at the roots. The use of the compost tea it is particularly useful for restoring populations of organisms useful for plant life, so if you have just done a pesticide treatment or used chemical repellents, the compost tea is the best solution.

How can I use the compost tea?
The compost tea it can be used both sprayed on the leaves and to water the soil. It depends on the needs of the plant. The compost tea enhances the benefits of compost; if the classic compost can only be added to the soil, with the application of compost tea to the leaves, it will help the plant to kill leaf diseases and accelerate the elimination of toxic substances.

How is the compost tea?
As the name suggests, the "compost tea”Is prepared by macerating the compost in water. For preparation, the compost bag must be immersed in water and left to macerate. The mixture, before use, must be passed through a sieve: if you do not have a real sieve, a bag or gauze pads will suffice to act as a filter.

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