Ideas for stuffing ravioli

Ideas for stuffing ravioli

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What news is there in stuffed with ravioli if this consists of the classic combination of ricotta and spinach or ricotta and mushrooms? The big innovation is in the price, imagine spending only 1 euro for mushrooms and spinach ... yes, because the filling will consist of what you define "food waste ". In addition to these classic combinations, today we offer you others ideas to prepare the stuffed gods ravioli.

Ideas for stuffing ravioli

  1. Stuffed with Ricotta and mushrooms or, for those with a sweet tooth cheeses, mushrooms and crumbled sausage
  2. Stuffed with Ricotta and spinach, with a pinch of pepper and nutmeg
  3. Stuffed with Aubergines and cheeses
  4. Stuffed with octopus and potatoes, to be served with mussels and clams suté
  5. Stuffed with fillets of sole and sea bream and parsley to be served with 2 tablespoons of pesto alla genovese, cherry tomatoes and prawns
  6. Stuffed with shrimp, courgettes and ricotta
  7. Stuffed with prawns, smoked salmon, chopped thyme, nutmeg and ricotta
  8. Stuffed with asparagus and ricotta

It's true, show off ideas originals to prepare the stuffed gods ravioli it is a gimmick to amaze all the guests seated at our table. Our guests can also be impressed by the goodness of a traditional dish, prepared with genuine ingredients able to give joy to the palate and to the wallet. The stuffed with ravioli can be prepared with waste of mushrooms, asparagus or spinach.

In the kitchen we have a bad habit of to waste, waste and still waste! When we clean mushrooms, asparagus or spinach - assuming we have at least the decency to buy them fresh and not canned or frozen! -, we generate a series of waste consisting of the stems and stems, considered inedible because they are too hard. Nothing more false! These components can be used to prepare a very tasty concentrated respectively of mushrooms, asparagus or spinach. The procedure is almost the same, let's see how to do it for the mushroom concentrate.

· The stems and waste parts of mushrooms
1 tablespoon of salt
With a brush remove the earth from the stems of the mushrooms. Cut off the ends of the stem and save all the waste parts. You can keep the discarded parts of the mushrooms aside in the freezer as you cook. Put everything in a pan with the salt and cook until all the liquid has evaporated.

Dry everything by placing the waste in the microwave oven, in a dryer, in the conventional oven or directly, placing the mixture for a couple of days in the heat of the sun or the radiator.

When the mushrooms are completely dried (dry, dry without any kind of moisture), they can be blended and stored in glass jars and then used as stuffed for delicious ravioli.

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