EcoATM, the recycling ATM

EcoATM, the recycling ATM

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THE electronic waste they are a real problem for the planet and consumerism does not help at all: more waste is produced than the goods that are consumed. Keeping up with technology forces consumers to constantly change smartphone, computer and for some time also tablets and eReaders.

The ideal solution consists of a "update " of devices and not in a total replacement. It is difficult to hope that companies can follow this direction ... their job is to sell! While we wait for a change of course, he comes to our aid EcoATM, a ATM that dispenses up to $ 300 if you decide to scrap the old cell phone.

EcoATM uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the mobile phone and make an economic offer. Money for old technology. By the end of 2012, 300 collection points had been installed in the United States EcoATM, collection points of electronic waste. In view of the launch of the latest addition to Apple, theiPhone 5, Tom Tullie, president and CEO of ecoATM, commented:

"There will be millions of people buying the new iPhone 5. When they do, we want an EcoATM nearby to collect or recycle their old phones."

Technology plays a crucial role in everyday life, with the advancement of innovations, so do the electronic waste. It hasn't been long since the boom in the spread of Tablet but these already represent a problem for the environment. So, ecoATM has well thought of updating.

The team of developers has entered information for the processing and recognition of Tablet, thus, the ATMs of recycling will be able to recognize standard cell phones, smartphone and Tablet. During the ecoATM recognition, it will evaluate the device and assign it an economic value, it will then be up to the user to decide whether scrap the old device in exchange for money, or let it soak in a home drawer!

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