New life for Prius batteries

New life for Prius batteries

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When it comes to electric mobility there are many objections that arise among environmentalists. While less virtuous motorists wonder only about equivalent horsepower and autonomy, environmentalists are wondering if "electric cars are truly sustainable“.

The electric cars have the opportunity to become a zero emissions if they feed with clean energy, besides they are less pollutants of conventional cars. The main doubt arises at the time of disposal of the battery of the electric carsThus, many car manufacturers are implementing strategies to insure the minor environmental impact possible.

When the old battery of the Toyota Prius will have reached the end of its life cycle, it will not be thrown away in the trash! Since April, the Toyota will use the components of the old ones batteries Prius to produce new energy storage devices.

Toyota's energy storage system has been specially designed to enable the reuse of the components of batteries of the Prius. The storage device can be used in conjunction with classic solar panels, to ensure the power supply of LED lighting systems and much more!

The ability to energy storage of the new Toyota systems is 10 kWh. The biggest limit is the weight: the device weighs 980 kg and it is clear that it cannot be stored in the cellar to act as an emergency power supply! These storage systems will be used directly by car dealers: the energy prices of a car dealership could be halved with the use of the storage device.

There Toyota it is not new to such initiatives. Last June, the Japanese carmaker talked about transforming the Prius Plug-in's batteries using an inverter, so as to make them suitable for home use as small emergency power supplies.

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