Renewables cheaper than coal

Renewables cheaper than coal

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There are more and more families who prefer to buy clean energy and with the spread of renewable, electricity from clean sources risks being cheaper than conventional power plants.

There Grid Parity is defined as the equal economic convenience between the purchase of clean energy and that coming from fossil fuels. In some locations around the globe that of the grid parity is an outdated concept: le renewable they are cheaper!

A few days ago, we told you about the Caribbean geothermal power plant; the Jamaican plant will be able to supply electricity at lower prices than those offered by traditional power plants. Today the focus is on photovoltaic: we are witnessing a change of course, the spread of photovoltaic systems makes theclean energy cheaper thanelectricity derived from fossil fuels.

Thanks to some initiatives, in Italy, i clean energy prices can be equated to electricity prices from fossil fuels but in New Mexicosolar power it costs half! The name of the control panel is Macho Springs, has an electrical capacity of 50 MW, exploits the thin film solar panels and manages to deliver clean electricity for a cost of 5.8 US cents per kWh!

In the United States, the cost ofelectric energy is 11.4 US cents per kWh. L'clean energy can be sold for such a competitive price thanks to the agreement between El Paso Electric Company and the company First Solar. The very particular factor is that on average, theelectricity from thin film solar panels, is marketed for a price of 16.3 US cents, almost triple (2.8 times more) than the price proposed by the First Solar. This example demonstrates the strong change of direction, the economy is also shifting to clean energies. The agreement between Fist Solar and the El Paso Electric Company will be officially signed by June.

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