Green roof, green roof

Green roof, green roof

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What is a green roof? First of all, the green roof it absorbs rainwater, so it avoids or limits the flow of water near the building. The green roof brings greenery to the city by absorbing carbon dioxide, improves the aesthetics of the building that houses it and increases its economic value.

The green roof, if properly set up, it plays a crucial role in energy efficiency: acts as an insulator and helps HVAC systems especially in summer, keeping temperatures cooler.

Green roof, the composition
The green roof it is set up by placing a cover on the roof green. This cover is not a monolayer but it is composed of several materials that guarantee its performance. According to the composition we have intensive and extensive green roofs. The green roof extensive differs, in addition to the use, also for the presence of an element of accumulation and drainage of rainwater.
Intensive green roof:
-Culture ground
-Filtering layer
- Draining layer
-Anti-root waterproofing

Extensive green roof:
-Culture ground
-Filtering layer
-Element of accumulation and drainage of rainwater
-Anti-root waterproofing

The anti-root monolayer has the purpose of protecting the floor. The green roof intensive is used on roofs that have a large load capacity with a bearing capacity exceeding 150 kg. It can host a great variety of plants in fact the most superficial layer, that of the cultivation land, is much thicker, so much so that it can give life to entire gardens. The green roof extensive is cheaper and is the one shown in the image below. The installation of the green roof it's simple, especially when it comes to green roofs extensive.

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