ARTI Biodigester

ARTI Biodigester

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The biogas it can be produced independently, at home, without the need for excessively sophisticated and bulky equipment. The device for the biogas production is composed of a digester compact able to derive biogas from food waste both vegetable and starchy type.

More than 2,000 families in India are experimenting with this device. The compact digester was patented byAppropriate Rural Technology Institute of Maharashtra. It was the group that developed ARTS from which the digester, was baptized, in fact, ARTI-Biogas. The Arti group, thanks to its invention, won the Ashden Awards in the "food security" category for sustainable energies.

In the home, the gas produced from biodigester it can be used to power the hob in the case of gas cookers, or to heat the water in sanitary systems. For families in the West, this translates into a consistent economic saving, for Indian families, thearts-biogas manages to bring hot water and gas ready for use, even in those remote locations where there are no gas pipelines.

Compared to traditional systems a animal biomass, the process of biodigestion of food waste vegetable or flour based, it is faster. The group system Arts it allows to Save Money and also gives big savings to the environment:
- there is a reduction in the production of waste, it is true, it is organic waste but this translates into less fuel for the transport of waste
-reduction of methane gas and oil production
-reduction of CO2 emissions
-Arti-Biogas produces a liquid of waste which can be easily used as a fertilizer

The compact digester ARTI can be mounted in a small space, it takes up 2 meters by 2.5. It consists of an inlet, two tanks, a discharge pipe for the fertilizer liquid and one for connection to boilers or stoves. The price of the digester is around 150-200 euros.

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