Panels: keep an eye on recycling regulations

Panels: keep an eye on recycling regulations

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Attention: yours photovoltaic system is it in compliance with the (binding) regulations on recycling? The question is important because if the answer is no it means that you are at risk of losing incentives provided by the Energy Services Manager, or in the best case of having to go back to the wallet.

In fact, it happens that, if the modules installed in a plant that has access to the incentives are not covered by the contribution for recycling, you cannot take advantage of the incentives themselves. Unless you quickly join an authorized consortium (such as Remedia for example), and pay the contribution that has not been paid.

Okay, but who is responsible for paying the contribution for recycling? Normally the manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, if present in Italy, or the Italian subject who first places a module produced abroad on the national market (it imports it if the producer is outside the EU) must pay the contribution for recycling.

In any case, any of the subjects between the manufacturer / importer / installer / distributor established in one of the European countries, with the addition of San Marino and Switzerland, can join Remedia Consortium in order to guarantee the management of the specific module when it reaches the end of its life.

Otherwise, as we said, the same person responsible for the plant, beneficiary of the incentive rate which could potentially be revoked by GSE, can join the Remedia Consortium and pay the foreseen contribution if no other person has done so.

From the point of view of the GSE, in fact, it is not relevant which person is registered in the consortium that will take care of the disposal and recycling, but it is mandatory that someone in any case be registered and pay the contribution for each module.

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