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How to take care of the lawn

How to take care of the lawn

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As summer approaches, we begin to pay more attention to our garden. The garden is the ideal place for outdoor lunches, aperitifs and braciate, so there is no time to waste, you have to start take care of the lawn.

How to take care of the lawn
-Cut. We tend to cut the meadow almost flush with the ground. In summer, however, it is better to let it grow a bit more. Better to keep to a height of 5 cm. This will make the soil softer when walking and will require less watering as a deeper root system has developed.

-Maintenance. If you are able to use hand tools, prefer them to electrical equipment. In doing so you will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. If you really can't resist, then this article may come in handy for choosing the lawn mower.

-Design. If you are thinking of sowing the lawn, then you must take into account the surrounding environment such as shaded areas, provided by houses or trees, wind and water. The design must ensure the drainage of the water so that it can return to the aquifers through the subsoil. In the case of courtyards and sidewalks, these will have to be sloped, perhaps allowing rainwater to flow into a system of channels that flows into the garden bed.

-Fertilization. In chemical fertilizers they are neither suitable for humans nor for the environment. Think carefully before using harmful pesticides and fertilizers, especially if children play on that lawn. The best fertilizer is the soil, it seems trivial but the lawn does not have large nutritional needs, just add some mulch that will help the lawn retain water longer and remove weeds. A good strategy would be to not completely remove the cut grass and leave some residue to decompose right on your lawn. For other organic fertilizers visit this page.

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