NASA Technologies for Growing Marijuana

NASA Technologies for Growing Marijuana

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The citizens of Washington and Colorado, with the last elections, have expressed a positive opinion regarding the legalization of Marijuana. We are not talking about the legalization for medical purposes but for recreational use. This means that no one in Washington or Colorado will have a problem owning or growing some marijuana. In this scenario a new one has opened business which involves, at the forefront, the agricultural sector.

A new challenge foragriculture American, grow marijuana aiming at the cultivation of a product superior to that already proposed by illegal markets. At this juncture different research groups are moving. There NASA, for many years he studied a method of hydroponic cultivation for the production of food in space stations: in space there is no traditional combination of land, sun and water, therefore the NASA he was looking for a way to cultivate agricultural products inside hermetically sealed dormitories.

In Colorando, amendment number 64 requires that all operations agricultural that have to do with the marijuana cultivation, must take place indoors. Thus, Dale Chamberlain, a former NASA scientist, hopes to help theagriculture local in the hydroponic cultivation of marijuana.

Dale Chamberlain holds a Masters in Aerospace Science and Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boudler. It took many years in the work of designing and building growth chambers to bring thehydroponic agriculture in the space. The scientist thus decided to put his knowledge at the service of the new agricultural challenge, set up hydroponic marijuana crops, a completely terrestrial mission!

Thus, Dale Chamberlain and other pioneers of the hydroponic cultivation indoors, are organizing courses and seminars to help farmers to understand the principles of hydroponic technique, select an effective system and establish a cycle marijuana cultivation capable of guaranteeing maximum returns.

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