SolarCity in partnership with Honda

SolarCity in partnership with Honda

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There SolarCity American behaves like ours I GO OUT (Energy Service Company). SolarCity, just like the Italian ESCOs, it procures investments to provide photovoltaic systems to customers, without them having to hunt thousands of dollars upfront. SolarCity supplies and installs photovoltaic systems without having any cost on the customer, SolarCity derives its profit from the share of energy and economic savings obtained by the customer following the interventions carried out.

A practical example?
The customer Paolo Rossi spends 500 euros per month on electricity. Thanks to the intervention of SolarCity, Paolo manages to save 400 euros. Paolo instead of continuing to pay 500 euros, will pay 300; of these, 100 euros will go to electricity and another 200 euros will go to SolarCity, which implemented the project. Paolo Rossi will have a real savings of 200 euros per month and in addition he will be able to count on all the maintenance services offered by SolarCity.

SolarCity can count on two partnerships of excellence, one already signed with Google for some time and a newer one, the one with Honda. The American division of the automaker Honda, has decided to invest in SolarCity, a capital of 65 million dollars. The automaker will not only finance the construction of photovoltaic systems third parties but is also launching a program to market thesolar power.

Honda Motor Co. Inc. car dealers, dealers and customers can rely on a clean energy source. The electricity coming fromsolar power it will be more than accessible because it is sold at an advantageous cost. The offer is accessible to millions of Honda customers and hundreds of dealers deseminated across 14 US states. The partnership was born to contribute to the fight against global warming so as to reduce Honda's CO2 emissions.

Honda and SolarCity will examine the possibility of integrating thesolar power in electric vehicle charging systems. In the future, Honda drivers will be able to recharge their electric cars using thesolar power.

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