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Nano Garden, the apartment garden

Nano Garden, the apartment garden

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There are more and more solutions designed to set up a vegetable garden in the house. There are those who recycle plastic bottles to create a vertical vegetable garden and there are those who do not love the do-it-yourself and is happier to spend a small fortune on one hitech garden. Nano Garden is one of these, a futuristic garden that exploits the hydroponic cultivation to bring thevegetable garden in the house.

Nano Garden it is a vertical garden, made up of four shelves capable of hosting vegetables and vegetables using the technique of hydroponic cultivation. Nano Garden will not only feed the plants but also provide the correct lighting, so the end user can arrange the vertical garden anywhere in the house without having to worry about sun, light and windows.

Designed by a team of designers from Hyundai Engineering & Construction, of the division of South Korea, the Nano Garden it is perfect for those who want cultivate a vegetable garden and has no space and / or land. The Nano Garden takes up roughly the same space as a fridge.

Thanks to hydroponic cultivation, the user will not have to worry about applying pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, the concept always offers the right lighting to encourage plant growth. The amount of water, nutrients and lighting is adjustable so that the inhabitants of the house can decide growth rate of their plants.

With a simple monitoring system Nano Garden inform users by notifying them when plants need to be fed or watered. Nano Garden acts like a natural garden that eliminates bad odorsthe is purifies the air.

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