Smart bins in Ferrara

Smart bins in Ferrara

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With i smart bins Ferrara takes the road of smart city. Question: can a waste bin be smart? Probably not, and this is not even desirable, but technology can help these containers to fit better into the urban context, to the advantage of decoration.

Urban decoration project, not surprisingly, it is the name of the initiative launched by the municipal administration of Ferrara in collaboration with the multi-utility companyHera which provides for the installation (in March) of 14 eco-technological islands equipped with smart bins.

These bins are in fact new concept urban furniture, pleasing from an aesthetic point of view and able to 'dialogue' with those who use them via QR code; they are also equipped with interchangeable panels that convey messages on the correct methods of waste disposal. Ferrara, UNESCO heritage, is the first city where this system is tested.

The Urban Decoration Project in Ferrara it envisages two lines of bins: one made up of galvanized metal containers that will make up 130 basic ecological islands in the major access roads and in the main streets of Ferrara; the other, on the other hand, is intended for areas of greater urban value with anthracite gray containers, about ten in all.

The QR codes of the new bins, readable via smartphone, will allow instant connection to the Refusologist, the guide for separate waste collection created by Hera. There are containers for paper, plastic and undifferentiated, the organic bin and the colored glass bell.

Great importance to aesthetics: the elegant containers are the result of a careful study of Creative Community of the Klein Russo Agency, shared with Hera's environmental experts specializing in the organization of waste collection. Wet bins and glass bells are film-coated with prints that reproduce, as pictograms, the materials to be placed in their respective containers.

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