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Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights

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THE solar street lights they are a very popular solution for lighting the garden. THE solar street lights they are not particularly expensive, they are very easy to install and do not require the preparation of any electrical system: no wires, plugs or cables are needed ...power supplied to the lighting unit is obtained directly from the sunlight.

Exist solar garden lamps for every taste, need and furniture. From the classics lanterns or retro lamps to the most colorful and lively lighting solutions. They exist in the shape of rocks, hens or hummingbirds. They are not missing garden gnomes accompanied by a photovoltaic module and a lighting unit.


THE solar garden lamps are composed of a photovoltaic module and a lighting unit a LED so as to maximize yields. They incorporate a rechargeable battery which during the day accumulates the solar energy that it uses during the night to meet the electricity needs of the LED.

Very often i solar garden lamps have a motion sensor so as to ensure ignition when someone approaches the garden. Others solar street lights they are turned on manually with a switch and still others are activated when darkness falls.


THE solar street lights they can also be very convenient for delineating the perimeter of a path, a path or the whole garden. Can be found solar garden lamps at prices below 10 euros but it all depends on the desired model, for example, in the first photo above you can see the Tiffany solar lantern offered by the specialist dealer Bakker at a price of 17.95 euros. There Tiffany solar lantern it is made up of a metal rod of about 100 cm and can be placed anywhere. The central photo, on the other hand, shows one solar lamp with Rane, more cheerful and lively and its price is 14.95 euros. Other models can be seen in our photo gallery.

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