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Garden at school: an online project EXPO

Garden at school: an online project EXPO

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Vegetable garden in the house, Ortochic, Vegetable garden at school... it will be spring that arrives but these days there is a flourishing of initiatives on the garden. The project we are talking about here is called Micro-cultivation. Vegetable garden at school and has been designed for children of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Milan (for now).

Objective of I cultivate myself. Vegetable garden at school is to create gardens designed and cared for by children and a market of the products collected, accompanied by recipes to cook them. But also lessons on the theme of the garden starting from mathematics, science, English or Italian.

The initiative Micro-cultivation. Vegetable garden at school is promoted by Riccardo Catella Foundation, EXPO 2015 S.p.A. and by the non-profit association Lombardy horticultural with the patronage of the municipality of Milan (departments of Education and Education and Mobility, Environment, Urban and Green Furniture).

"The theme of Expo Milano 2015 'Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life 'contains an important educational challenge that is aimed above all at the new generations - stated the CEO of Expo 2015 S.p.A. Giuseppe Salathe game of the future is played on nutrition and eco-sustainability. For this reason we are happy to support initiatives such as I cultivate myself. Vegetable garden at school that promote correct eating habits and show attention to the environmental consequences of the choices of each of us ".

Path Micro-cultivation. Vegetable garden at school came to life with the start of the work to build educational gardens in two Milanese schools and will allow the first fruits to be harvested by summer 2013. The first phase, already completed, was the design of the garden and the choice of crops; then the preparation, sowing, care and harvesting of the products by the school groups.

Micro-cultivation. Vegetable garden at school it is also the organization of a market, the experimentation of recipes and many other activities through which children can learn to take care of their own garden and eat healthy and at the same time learn notions of mathematics, Italian, English, science.

The pilot schools of Milan where we experiment Micro-cultivation. Vegetable garden at school are the schools including 'Renzo Pezzani' in via Martinengo and 'Italo Calvino' in via Frigia. In both, raised wooden tanks with irrigation systems have been installed for low environmental impact cultivation, with areas for preparing composting and an area for outdoor lessons.

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