The Robot Bees arrive

The Robot Bees arrive

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"If theBee disappeared from the face of the earth, man would only have four years of life left". It was to affirm it Albert Einstein and today's society has no doubt about the fundamental role played by bees. It is not just honey, wax and royal jelly, the bees are impied in various agricultural productions and together with other species make the phenomenon ofpollination.

In recent years, thebeekeeping Italian was attacked by several disasters. An agricultural product was withdrawn from the market that threatened the health ofBee but the problems are not limited to Italian territory. A devastating epidemic, the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), is spreading in the United States. The CCD is decimating the hives Americans and according to Einstein's words, it could soon become a threat to mankind as well.

Colony Collapse Disorder is among the most threatening epidemics but it is certainly not the first, in 2009 three researchers joined forces with Harvard and Northeastern Universities with the aim of creating robot bees, the droid race is not meant to supplant bees of mother nature but to monitor and protect them.

The project is called "Micro Air Vehicles"And foresees the realization of robotic vehicles extremely small in size. The robot bees, to float in the air, they use gods artificial muscles for flight control. The project Micro Air Vehicles was not born with the purpose of defeating CCD but the researchers claimed that these little ones robot could play a fundamental role in the fight against the decimation of dele bees.

The drone was born with the aim of "study the mentality of bees ": the real strength of the bees it's right there hive mentality. The hive is a community full of responsibility and coordination. Bees all have the same purpose, to protect the Queen, so they spend their lives looking for food to ensure the continuity of the species. While they protect the Queen, worker bees intersect with our food system throughpollination. Scientists would like to create a robot with the same instincts and the same determination as worker bees.

Photo | Harvard University

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