Pope Francis, fan of environmental sustainability

Pope Francis, fan of environmental sustainability

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A little over a month ago, the so-called "Green Pope ", Benedict XVI, has given his resignation. As everyone will know by now, the Catholic world has chosen its new leader, he is Cardinal of Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the first Pope of Latin America. Its predecessor traveled in an electric car and was known as the Green Pope because during a speech he stressed the importance of responsible management of natural resources as a wish of God.

We don't know if Pope francesco will continue the journey of Benedict XVI but from first impressions it seems even more eco-friendly of its predecessor! Browsing the web and reading articles about the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, we came across the documents of Horacio Verbitsky, the intellectual writer from Buenos Aires who closely observed the life of the Cardinal of Buenos Aires. According to these documents, the current Pope would have been a "collaborator of the Argentine dictatorship of generalsAnd would be supporting oppressive expeditions and more. Our research has its roots in an article published by the authoritative Guardian UK in the distant 4 January 2011. While for this topic we refer you to the article published on the portal of "", we will deal with the aspect green of Pope Francis starting with a simple photo.

The one in the photo above is the handsome Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in fact, in his life in Buenos Aires he used public transport very often: he has always traveled by bus and subway. His habits were confirmed here in Italy, where he gave up on luxurious papal car to use simpler means. After all, even the name Francis it is a clear indication of his desire for poverty, a desire that is difficult to fulfill within the walls of the Vatican, especially if you consider that the former Cardinal of Buenos Aires prefers small living spaces. Before becoming pope, Francis gave up the house dedicated to the archbishops to live in one small room in a downtown Buenos Aires, the Huffington Post reported the news.

The Vatican, in recent times has:
installed photovoltaic panels
used electric vehicles for papal transport
used electric vehicles for the protection of the Vatican

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