Avoid wasting water

Avoid wasting water

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Only 3% of domestic water it is used for cooking or drinking, while 40% is used for flushing the toilet and for washing dishes. The waste is huge, but we don't realize it. The point is, while the need is clear to everyone reduce electricity consumption, the costs being evident when it comes to water consumption it is harder to understand.

The only ones toilet drains (whose traditional types use 16-24 liters of water for each drain) represent 16% of total water consumption and 28% of domestic ones. To reduce this consumption it is sufficient to adopt the 2-compartment cassettes (4-12 liters per drain).

Measures in the systems and small attention to behavior greatly affect theecological impact of living, how to close the taps well and install jet break aerators, that is flow reducers that allow savings of 15 to 50 percent of water in the taps.

It can be very important and beneficial too collect and reuse water, especially that of some processes: that of washing vegetables to wet the plants; that of boiling pasta and vegetables for personal hygiene (they are rich in starch and minerals and are good for the skin); that for rinsing the washing machine for the toilet or for cleaning floors.

Even the good maintenance of the water system it is extremely important, in fact, water losses constitute high percentages of domestic consumption: in a month a leaking toilet can waste up to 3000 liters of water, a tap from 350 to 3750 liters. If the mains water is very hard it may be useful to install a water softener for the entire system.

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