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The welfare of the hens

The welfare of the hens

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When it comes to box for hens, reference is made to a structure that must be able to guarantee the welfare of the animal it hosts, especially when it is in full laying (April-May). In a chicken coop, the maximum number of hens it must not be more than 4 items per square meter. In a box for hens the environmental situation must also be favored: the box it must be ventilated but it will be necessary to avoid the formation of air currents that favor temperature changes that can be deleterious for the spawning.

There are many factors that affect the well-being of hens, the ones that can be controlled more easily are two:

  • the condition of the hospitalization (size, hygiene, components ...)
  • the power supply

In this article we have talked extensively about box for hens, how they should be treated and "furnished ". A box for hens it must be equipped with nests for laying eggs, feeders and perches. The welfare of the animals is guaranteed by the hours of rest. The hens they sleep perched on perches raised from the ground and each hen must be able to have about 25 centimeters of linear space on the axis of the roost.

As regards nutrition, it plays a crucial factor in egg production. The recommended food mixture includes a mix of feed for chicks and farm products, in detail, the mixture includes:

  • for 40 percent chicken feed with 23 percent protein
  • for 35 per cent corn
  • for 10 percent pea protein
  • for 8 percent of wheat bran
  • for 7 percent of oyster shells
  • for every 10 kilograms of mixture, 20 grams of table salt must be added

A pretty common problem when it comes to laying hens, is abnormal egg production. Eggs can be "strange " in terms of size, shell structure, number… Problems associated with abnormal egg production can be linked to food errors, which is why it is important to feed hens with the right mix of nutrients. The normality of the spawning is restored shortly after correcting the food imbalances. No drug administration is required.

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