American walnut for the Abu Dhabi University library

American walnut for the Abu Dhabi University library

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The shelves of the library of the Zayed University of Abu Dhabi

Wood is art and beauty. Wood is the most environmentally sustainable of building materials. Here because Hadi Teherani, an internationally renowned German architect, made use exclusively of American walnut wood to realize the new library in the heart of the campus ofZayed University of Abu Dhabi, which takes its name from the Prince Emir Zyed.


Come on floors ai shelves, up to wall coverings. Walnut was chosen for its dark and earthy color and for its strong aesthetic personality. To the design team of AHK Interiors, a leading interior design, project design and management company, was asked to apply the veneer that covers the library without any joints appearing, enhancing the continuous flow of natural grain of American walnut.

“We decided to use American walnut throughout the library for its strong characteristics, such as straight grain and durability, as this species is very resistant to heartwood decay. Walnut creates a modern look while evoking a certain nostalgia inherent in historical libraries. This wood warms the environment and at the same time gives a feeling of modernity, classicism and hospitality, " he has declared Carrie Das, Design Manager of AHK Interiors.

The new Zayed University library, one of the largest Middle East university libraries, measures approximately 40,000 square meters and is part of the 28 new buildings completed for the new campus in Khalifa City, suburb of the capital Abu Dhabi.

The new library represents the main study resource for both students and teachers, is valued at more than 3 billion dirhams, has a circular arena shape and houses about 150,000 volumes from the collection of the Zayed library.

Construction lasted seven months, with over 200 workers working on and off the site. In the first two months, work took place in the 15,000 square meters of AHK's factory in Antalya, Turkey, to ensure the highest quality production.

The work located in the factory included the production of shelves for books. 17 tons of Painted MDF of 30 mm, then cut with CNC machines depending on the necessary curvature and which has gone to cover the elements of the steel structure, which remain hidden behind the painted shelves and vertical pediments.

During the implementation of the project, the team also faced major challenges in the installation of the large bookcases, four meters high. The panels had to be put together in order to maintain the continuity of the grain. The upper part of the bookcases is visible from the upper floors, so the grain of the walnut veneer American had to be well aligned.

Why was wood chosen? Because it is beautiful, makes the ultra-modern library of the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi resemble that of the oldest campuses and is the oldest and most environmentally friendly of building materials. Woods and forests, if treated with care, are inexhaustible sources of raw material and wood processing has a limited environmental impact. The problem is not the cutting of trees, but the plundering of the primary forest which should be preserved by any means.

Today the nations are almost all attentive to their own woodland and forest heritage also because the international certifications, such as the FSC, direct the consumer towards wood extracted in respect of the delicate natural balance, penalizing the nations that violate ecosystems.


The fight against wild cuts, almost always abusive, is also fought with international regulations, like the new oneEU wood regulation (EUTR) entered into force on March 3, 2013, which obliges companies to introduce forest products in Europe to put in place systems to reduce the risk of importing illegally sourced wood.

The EUTR regulation was also supported byAmerican Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), representative of one of the largest global industries of export of hardwood, which has always fought against the illegal trade in timber and for the spread of the culture of wood.

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