Google develops a control system for irrigation

Google develops a control system for irrigation

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I never thought I'd write an article about Google intended to be posted in the category agriculture / gardening, yet here I am: the technicians Google have developed a system that by connecting tohome irrigation system can control it at a distance. The plant is based on a control system Android and Arduino hardware platform.

L’idia di Google is to harness the power of Android is Arduino to set up a irrigation system domestic which can be conveniently controlled from the smartphone, even from a distance!

The engineers of the Google team, JJ Barrons and Joe Fernandez, have developed a method to irrigate the garden or the domestic vegetable garden directly from smartphone. They exploited technologies such as Android, Arduino, Python, Dart and Google App Engine, this mix led to the creation of a system opensorce that everyone can modify and use to their liking.

The idea was born in January 2012, when engineer Joe Fernandez announced something like this "I connected my lawn to the internet "..." I called this project Irrduino because it is based on an Arduino microcontroller that allows me to remotely control the areas to be irrigate of my house. Irrduino communicates via Ethernet, in particular with a REST interface, requests can be sent and response feedback can be obtained, which means that I can control my irrigation system from anywhere on the planet, I would just need a web browser and an internet connection or any smartphone with internet access! "

In short, you just need an internet connection to be able to irrigate house plants!
Of course you need a component hardware that connects theirrigation system via an Ethernet port and the Arduino open source takes care of this, while for the actual management you will need one Android smartphone and the dedicated application. The code for creating your own Irrduino is available on Google Code (see useful links) and includes IrrduinoController, IrrduinoDroid (the application to control IrrduinoController) and IrrduinoServer.

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