Illycaffè among the most ethical companies in the world

Illycaffè among the most ethical companies in the world

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There is illycaffè to represent Italy in the 2013 ranking of most ethical companies in the worldWorld’s Most Ethical Companies' elaborated by Ethisphere, an international organization specializing in the creation, development and sharing of best practices in terms of business ethics, governance, anti-corruption measures and sustainability. The Trieste company among the symbols of Italian coffee was included in the top list along with other world organizations.

World’s Most Ethical Companies is a ranking that highlights the companies that stand out in their target market for ethical behavior. According to the organization, the most ethical companies of 2013 managed to develop a sustainable business, demonstrating leadership and encouraging competitors to do the same.

The first ranking of most ethical companies in the world was built seven years ago. Since then, Ethisphere has selected the most ethical companies from among many candidates. Through in-depth research and a structured analysis in different phases, Ethisphere takes into consideration companies from over 100 countries and 36 different industries.

The methodology used for the assessment includes aspects such as i corporate ethical codes, any lawsuits brought against the company, the investments in innovation and sustainable processes and activities aimed at improving the corporate citizenship.

An ethical approach guarantees competitive advantage and the companies of the World's Most Ethical Companies are aware of the role that corporate responsibility plays in improving profitability ", he has declared Alex Brigham by Ethisphere. Illuminating the comment of Hiroshi Kobayashi's Ricoh Company, another company in the ranking: "Our investors and partners have understood that integrity plays a central role. Being included in the World’s Most Ethical Companies ranking is proof of how much corporate citizenship is an important value for Ricoh ".

Read the complete ranking on Ethisphere

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