China is destroying the world

China is destroying the world

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It is no secret, China is facing pollution levels devastating, a situation counted among the worst in the world. Over the past 30 years, China has become the largest nitrogen producer in the globe: the number of cars on the road has increased by about twenty times, the use of fertilizer has tripled while the amount of livestock raised as well as the coal burning is quatrupled.

It is true, we all know that the quality of life of Chinese inhabitants is severely undermined both on the human rights and on the environmental front, however up to now there was no detailed information on the impact of nitrogen emissions made in China. In China, the amount of nitrogen emitted into the atmosphere by the industrial, automotive and agri-food sectors is increased by 60 percent for each year in a period ranging from 1980 to 2010.

The figures come from a study carried out by the partnership between professors Xuejun Liu and Fusuo Zhang of the Agricultural University of Beijing, Peter Vitousek, a biologist at Stanford University and Pamela Matson, president of the Faculty of Earth Science at the Woods Institute.

The report analyzed the Chinese situation over the past 30 years and it turned out that China can win the title of largest producer of nitrogen emissions globally. The reckless use ofnitrogen how fertilizer tripled from 1980 to 2000, while i head of cattle and the coal burning has quadrupled. Over the same period, the number of cars on the road has increased about 20 times and it must be said that many of the vehicles on Chinese roads are highly polluting. All of these activities release large amounts of reactive nitrogen in the environment.

Such emissions have caused a number of problems, first of all the quality of the breathable air has drastically decreased, the soles and waters have undergone an acidification process and the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, not to mention the impact on fauna and flora with a clear decrease in biodiversity.

There economic growth of China is reckless. The researchers observed that in the plains of Northern China, i nitrogen levels are much higher than those recorded in the United States and are comparable to the maximum values ​​recorded in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands when the nitrogen deposition reached its peak in 1980. In short, if in European countries such as Holland and Great Britain , in 1980 there were reactive nitrogen peaks in the atmosphere, in China these peaks are the daily norm! There is little to say, China's environmental policy must change.

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