Click & Grow, the smart pot for growing at home

Click & Grow, the smart pot for growing at home

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Is called Click & Grow and is the perfect solution for who not has a green thumb and doesn't want to compromise for grow plants indoors. Herbs, vegetables, tomatoes on the balcony… all this is fantastic but the plants they need care and without an adequate under pot they could also dirty a lot! Click & Grow is one "electronic smartPot " a smart pot that promotes optimal plant growth without the landlord doing anything! L'irrigation and fertilization will take place automatically thanks to an intelligent system.

Click & Grow knows the needs of the plant and thus meets them: water, air, doses of fertilizers ... the landlord will no longer have to worry about watering the plants: the user's hand will be supplanted by intelligent technology!

Click & Grow he's able to cultivate flowers, vegetables, aromatic plants and everything that has a couple of roots. The smartPot includes sensors, batteries, a small pump and a water tank. To set up the plant, the complete box includes a cartridge containing seeds, nutrients and special software that will meet all the needs of the plant destined to grow in smart vase.

The cartridges can be replaced, so ... if you have stagnated your chosen plants or if you notice that the crop needs to be replaced, you can keep your smartPot and replace the cartridge with new seeds and new software.

The only thing the user will have to do is check that the batteries are charged and every now and then fill the tank with a liter of water. Don't worry, even in this case the effort is minimal ... the batteries must be changed once a year while water must be added every two months! The prices of kit to start the domestic crops smart ones are around 79 dollars, about 60 euros.

In fact, with the arrival of smart cities it was impossible not to mention "smart gardening ", at this link the official website of the product!

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