SandwichBike, the modular bicycle

SandwichBike, the modular bicycle

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Before the birth of portals of "crowd funding"Like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the preliminary step to embark on the path of"creation"Was right there search for funding. Today, designers and artists propose their creative projects on special platforms where, with the purchase of the first prototypes and mass financing, the production of the object on a larger scale is allowed.

On these portals, fundraising campaigns have a limited period, on the contrary, with the traditional funding search, it can take many years before the project reaches the market. This is the case of SandwichBike by the Bleijh industrial design studio. The first project was presented in 2006, finally in 2011 the designers of the SandwichBike they manage to find the right partners and found the Pedalfactory to start the production of the particular bicycle, today the SandwichBike is ready to debut on the market and pre-orders are open.

The SandwichBike has been designed to minimize transport and construction costs and to present itself to the public with a design that does not go unnoticed. Just like with Ikea furniture, the SandwichBike can be easily assembled: the body consists of two "wooden tops " which can be joined by four identical and intelligent cylinders. To assemble the bicycle no special equipment is required, a single tool can join each of its components.

In 2006, the initial idea was to create a bicycle modular to make the world of two-wheeled pedals even more accessible. Pre-orders are open on the portal but there are still no hints on price. We don't know if the SandwichBike it will cost as a standard model or it will be cheaper but it is worth keeping an eye on future implications:

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