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Earth Day Italia, the Milan concert

Earth Day Italia, the Milan concert

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Next Monday, more than a billion people around the globe will celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the Earth Day. L'Earth Day aims to raise awareness among the population about environmental issues, in particular, to increase public awareness on the devastating impacts of climate change. For this year, the concert of the Earth Day will be organized byEarth Day Italy together with FAO and will be held in Milan, on the stage of the Teatro della Luna, on 22 April.

After the Neapolitan edition, theEarth Day 2013 arrives in Milan where he will remain for the next two editions waiting for Milan Expo 2015, with projects to enhance the territory in an exclusively key green, so the Earth Day can count on important partners such as Coldiretti and there FAO.

They will take the stage of the Teatro della Luna, Fiorella Mannoia and the Algerian musician Khaled. The proceeds from the concert will be entirely donated to projects by environmental sustainability, tickets can be easily purchased on the web at a price of 15 euros, while for those wishing to follow it non-live, the concert will be visible in live streaming on the official website of the event and will see the collaboration of FAO, Campagna Amica, Trenitalia, Tre, Radio 101, Radio Antenna 1, Donna Moderna, the 37 local newspapers of CityNews, Lega Calcio B and the sites of the 22 Clubs.

A few notes on the artists
Khaled is an internationally recognized musician and has always served as a goodwill ambassador for the FAO. The Italian singer-songwriter Fiorella Mannoia she was enthusiastic to lend her image for the initiatives of environmental awareness, has always been interested in green issues and commented on her participation in the event as follows:
We act as if the planet were ours, forgetting that we are only passing through this earth. Our duty would be to hand it over to generations that will be better than how we found it, so that they too can enjoy the beauty it offers. Unfortunately, this purpose has been rejected, human greed, like Attila, destroys as it passes. Now we can, and must, fight so that everyone takes on his responsibilities and acts according to his conscience so as not to destroy what remains.

Video: Andrea Bocelli: Music For Hope - Live From Duomo di Milano (June 2022).


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